Your Own Cloud Mac! MacinCloud is a remote Mac rental service. Laptop, Desktop and Handheld users can access rented, Apple Manufactured Mac hardware through the Internet. Bring all your software licenses and use them on a Mac in the Cloud!  
OSX Yosemite is Here! OS X Yosemite is the new era of Mac Operating System. Now Available in MacinCloud Dedicated Server Plans. OS X Yosemite Managed Server Plans are also available!  
Develop Apps on Your PC or Older Mac! Use MacinCloud on your PC or older Mac and start developing iPhone, iPad and Mac Apps right away.

Access a Mac Through Your Mobile Devices Now even with a mobile device, you can access MacinCloud and run real Mac programs!
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General questions about MacinCloud

MacinCloud is a remote Mac computer rental service that allows you to use a PC, an older Mac, Chromebook, mobile device or a computer with Linux to access an actual Mac through the Internet. You can then develop iPhone/iPad apps, learn how to use a Mac, or run applications that require a Mac.

In essence, you will run a connection file which we will provide you, and then use your assigned username and password to login and use a Mac. After logging in, you can remotely view and control the Mac screen as if you are sitting in front of the Mac.


You might not have realized the potential value of MacinCloud. Here are some creative ways of using MacinCloud for conventional and unconventional tasks:


  • Study, collaborate, compile and publish iOS and other mobile apps from a non-Mac or older Mac computer;
  • CI build servers/slaves for App development and test automation;
  • Use free or purchased Apps from the App Store, or other Mac software vendors, and access from anywhere in the world on any mobile devices with an Internet connection. Your purchases will stay in your App Store account and you can use them on other compatible devices without paying for them again;
  • Test your website on all Mac compatible browsers;
  • Compile applications that require the Mac environment;
  • Digital self-publishing. There are free Apps and software that allow you to easily publish your books to iBooks store and other eBook stores. Check "iBooks Author," for example;
  • Securing contract work. If you wish to have a secure workplace for your contractor to work on your digital images, documents or programming projects, you can use MacinCloud.
...... and much much more


You pay for the hardware system time that is dedicated to you. You can view different plans and their pricing in the "pricing" menu above. We have many time configurations to meet varying needs from occasional users to frequent users. The subscription plans start at $20 per month. You may also pay as you go for $1 per hour. We make the service very affordable.

Absolutely! We only use authentic Mac computers made by Apple. We do not synthesize the Mac experience. All server accounts and the underlying Mac operating system reside on physical Mac servers.

Our Monthly and Weekly Managed Server Plans (except Academic Plans) come with a 24-Hour Trial for a nominal verification fee of $0.99. Simply subscribe to a Monthly or Weekly plan and get your first day trial to access our BrowserConnect™ (connecting using a web browser) and Remote Desktop Connection file pack.


Please review our Tools and Applications page by clicking HERE

Yes. You will use the Keychain Access App on the remote Mac server to achieve this. The Keychain App is located in the Applications > Utilities folder. You may need to use Dropbox or other free cloud storage solution to sync/upload your key files to the remote Mac server.

Please visit Apple's Official TestFlight Testing Page to know how to easily test your app on your own physical iOS devices:

TestFlight Testing: Click Here

iTunes Connect Developer Guide: Click Here

TestFlight Video Tutorial: Click Here

In addition to the server hard drive space, we allow cloud-based storage programs like Dropbox. You will be able to synchronize and retrieve working files on MacinCloud through such programs.

Please note that the performance will mainly depend on your actual Internet speed and network latency. Regardless of the speed your Internet Service Provider may claim, the effective Internet connection speed for MacinCloud service is the speed between your computer/mobile device and our server.

To determine the actual upload, download speed and your network latency, please review our Get Started guide by clicking HERE.

No. The beauty of our Cloud-based service is that you can use MacinCloud from anywhere in the world.

Even if you are traveling across the continents, as long as you have access to a computer or mobile device that meets the minimum system requirements, you can access your MacinCloud account.


Please Sign Up for a free account on this website and start your trial by downloading the MacinCloud Trial Pack that is located under the Member menu. Please make sure to read the "readme.txt" file first. .

Sign Up Now


No. Each user's account is completely separate from each other. In the Mac environment (as in the Linux environment), each user has exclusive permission to their own files and therefore your files cannot be accessed by others.

Questions and answers regarding issues during the MacinCloud first day trial period (for weekly and monthly subscriptions only)

Our weekly and monthly subscription plans come with a one day trial. You will receive the username and password automatically after you setting up the subscription. You can cancel your subscription through your web account or your Paypal account at any time during the first day if you do not wish to continue using our service.


You will have access to all the standard features MacinCloud has to offer during a trial. We recommend that you access the trial from locations where you will actually use the service in the future so you can test the actual performance. If you have any questions during the trial period, please contact our support team by using our Support Ticket System.

After logging in to your MacinCloud trial account, you may first explore the Applications folder in the Finder (single-click the leftmost icon in the dock) and tryout pre-installed applications.

To quickly learn how to use a Mac, you may visit the following Apple website for video introductions and tutorials:

Please read our Knowledge Base article about this issue by clicking here.

Some international users may experience connection lag due to network latency or low bandwidth. Please make sure you are connecting to the closest server near you by selecting from the correct continent folder in the trial pack. You may also choose from connection files marked with "Low Bandwidth" or "Very Low Bandwidth."

If you have further questions, please contact our support team by using the Contact Us form or submit a trouble ticket.

Here are several common causes:

1. Your computer is behind a firewall. This is common if you are using the service from a corporate office or a school. If your computer is connected to a network that has a firewall, the firewall may be blocking the connection. Please make sure the port 6000 is open in your firewall device. You may also use VPN connection to bypass the firewall, or use the service using a different Internet service.

2. Your network has multiple layers of routers. If your computer is in a complex network that contains multiple layers of routers, please make sure the port 6000 is forwarded to your computer.

If you are still having trouble connecting to our server, please contact us so we may assist you to troubleshoot.

After you signing up a free website account and login, you will have access to the "Knowledge Base" area. You will find more related questions answered there.

You can also contact us directly using our Support Ticket System or the Contact Us form.

New paid users

If you have purchased a subscription plan, you will receive an email with all your access information immediately. Please make sure to check the email account associated with your Paypal account. Please also check your email "spam" folder, since some email providers might miscategorize the new account email as a spam.

For pay-as-you-go plan users, please allow some time for us to set up and activate your account. You will receive an email within several hours.

You can also contact us anytime through the Support Ticket System if you have any questions or concerns.

You can adjust this setting in "System Preferences" on the Mac. Click HERE to view a video tutorial.

You can discontinue your MacinCloud subscription anytime by using the "subscription management link" provided you in the new account email we sent you.

You may also simply send an email to [email protected] and for cancellation. Please make sure to provide us your Mac server name, username and your name.

Your account will be active until the end of your subscription period. After that, your account and all your files will be permanently deleted.

You will be able to use a cloud storage solution such as Dropbox to retrieve all your files before your account is closed.

Tutorial: Performance

Basics: Changing Resolutions

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